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Spring Special Offer…

Free limited edition bookmark with every order of The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden until 14th April 2014.Don't add a bookmark to your order as I will add it for you.There aren't a lot left and these won't be printed again.  I'll be designing new ones for when these run out.Hope you and [...]

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Your mission for the weekend…

The challenge for you and your little ones this weekend is simple:Find and photograph as many types of wildlife as possible.  The only rule:It must be your little ones who find the birds, animals, bugs etc. You can take the photograph, or lead them to where the creatures might be, but they have to point it [...]

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EXCITING NEWS!!!"The Birds from Over the Hedge" will be the title of the next book in the British Wildlife Tales series.I spent some time with my daughter Hope deciding on which of our characters we should include in this book. Here are just a few of our favourites from the 10 that will feature:House Sparrow [...]

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What a day!As it was World Book Day, I took a day out from my 'day job' to spend some time with a few schools and playgroups.  I spent this morning and a good part of the afternoon reading The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden to lots of little ones throughout my town [...]

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