A Planet Fit For Nature - a poem by the author, Carl A. Mynott

A Planet Fit For Nature

Foxes and voles, badgers and slugs. 

Lizards and frogs and all manner of bugs.

I'm desperate now
Just desperate to see

A world full of critters
That run fast and fly free.

The gymnastic pine marten
And the exocet gannet

They each have their place
On our beautiful planet

But we upset the balance
I just want to shout

we're just taking it over
And crowding them out

For the sake of some money?
For financial growth?


I want each human being
Too be sworn to an oath

To cast aside want
And to grasp what we need

To put nature first, 
In a world full of greed

To substitute ego
And the corridors of power

For a sense of compassion
In our world's darkest hour

To look hard to our future
and to learn from our past

To inspire all the little ones
So that we're not the last

To hear a dawn chorus
or to see a gazelle

Or to glimpse a hen harrier
Or a wee pipistrelle

We must make it our duty
for our children to find

A Planet Fit For Nature
And not just mankind. 

Carl A. Mynott
November 2014

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