How to improve your life, forever: Step 1

This post will improve your life.  I think I can guarantee it.

When I walk outside, wherever I am I hear birdsong. But I don't just hear it. It fills my life throughout the year.  My life is better for it.

I can tell what season it is by the sound of certain birds. I can tell where I am in the country by the sound of others.
Some birdsong can give me a clue about what time of day it is, and I'm not just talking about a crowing cockerel or a hooting Tawny Owl.

You see though? You already know two birds from their call.   What about a Cuckoo? That's three!

So if you want to learn the single, most simple way to improve your life...  ...learn birdsong.

I'll start you off with two more.

Great Tit (source: British Bird

Chiffchaff  (source: British Bird

That's it!  Your life has just been improved. 

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