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I can't think of better books for young children. They have fantastic pics, they rhyme so nicely, and most of all, they inspire children to explore the wonders that are right outside their window, The books are great for my youngest to learn, and her sis loves to read them to her.

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has requested your book nearly every single day since we received it. Yesterday morning a bird flew into our garden and without any prompting from us she shouted out "look, pigeon" and she was right!

I received my pre-ordered copy of this lovely book today and am so pleased with it!  The illustrations are beautiful and the writing pulls children in immediately.  Highly recommended.

We love, love, love your book 'Birds at the bottom of the garden! Thank you Carl! What a delight! We have rushed out and bought a bird house, feeder and bird food! Love the parent tips at the back and note for Mummies and Daddies! My daughter.. ..age 4.. ..she loves the story!

These books are lovely. Such a great way to encourage children to read and care about local wildlife.

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